Often, I hear someone say something stupid and feel outraged at that person’s mindset (though I seldom tell this to that person). I have lost the ability to believe whatever I have been fed and not be curious about the truth. That is why I miss being a little child who can put his/her hand in his mouth and look the other way when they don’t want to talk ( P.S. that’s not my picture).


I do not want my childhood back, I do like what I am doing. But some part of me feels bad at the price I have to pay. Just last night I was getting bored as I could not put myself to sleep. So what did I do, write a poem of course (even though it is a few lines).

I miss my childhood, which like sand,
Has quietly slipped away from my hands.
I mourn the loss of that innocence,
Which allowed me to believe in all nonsense.
I love the wonders I can now do with my mind,
But I also feel I have grown much less kind.
I regret those days when playtime,
Was quite frankly the only time.
I hate how I now question everything,
And cannot rest in peace without knowing.
You know that time actually flies,
When yesterday everyone was truthful and today, everybody lies.
But they say that life’s like that, so,
The show must go on and on will it go.


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