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My new binoculars

So… I just got a new pair of binoculars. So, why am I writing about something so trivial (see, so many “so” in two sentences)? There are two reasons: one is that I am a boring person with nothing to write about write now other than my stupid new binoculars and other most important is that I’m gonna tell you what I do with them.

What do I do with them? Bird watching? Sometimes. Spotting flowers on far off plants? Rarely. Spying on people? ALWAYS. Every single time I take them outta the box, I gotta get myself some peep peeking. I don’t know why I do it. Maybe being a science student I am a keen observer (at least try to be) or that I’m plain weird.  Somehow, I find looking at people, going about their works, unaware of me, interesting. I like to see what the family living across the road is doing in their verandah, I find it funny to see kids dance on their roof and I just love to see people far off, fighting and bickering. Heck, I’ve even developed some lip-reading skills.

You might find this, erm, eccentric, but it’s just something I like to do every once in a while. It gives me perspective you know, adds to how I’m not the only one and there are others who are living in the same world and how others lead their lives. And if nothing else, it gives me leverage over my neighbours as I can threaten them with spilling the beans anytime (though I haven’t come across anything so worthy as of yet, but I’ll keep you updated). Feel free to tell me what it is that you do that you know isn’t really a good thing but do it anyway. Maybe I can start doing that too! 😉

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