Types of people at weddings

Okay, so here comes another one, judging and categorizing people into labels (call me names if you want, but I FIND IT FUN, well, sometimes).

  1. Irritating aunties: the most commonly found people at a wedding, are, well, these super-boring, irritating aunties. They want to know all the latest “gossips” (side note: aunties, we ain’t got no time for that) and what’s in. Worst of all, they’ll keep asking when are you getting married. Such pests, aren’t they?
  2. Leering uncles: These ones are probably facing their mid-life crisis and like, totally frustrated with their lives. They need some high, right? But please, can that pity high be something other than staring at girls who are just their to have fun? We already have so many restrictions, we don’t need your incessant stares.
  3. Loud kiddos: Don’t get me wrong. I love kids, really. But what I hate is when these kids come onto me and irritate me to no end. I get that you want to have fun, take out all your energy, but please, have some mercy. And if you really want to spill food/cold drinks and shout loudly in the ears of people, let those people be your parents, I beg.
  4. Selfie kings and queens: I also like taking pictures. But when people come to me and meet me after a looong time, the last thing I expect from them is to click fifty pics with me, then delete forty five before they talk to me. Clicking hundreds of pics is okay as long as you do it alone, or with your fellows who like it. And then, don’t get angry when I can’t make that duck-face or pout coz I ain’t no Kardashian.
  5. Food lovers: I am a total foodie. I enjoy eating tasty food. But that doesn’t mean that I aim to finish the entire food supposed to be for the entire party. People, believe me, it just makes you look like you don’t have food at home when you take six servings of pasta.

Well, these are all that come to my mind right now. Tell me to add when you want.

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