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Nature from my window

Okay. So, by now, I guess those of you who follow the blog know I am a nature-lover. And what that means is that though I am not such a great photographer I still like to take clicks of natural splendor, especially when it’s right at my window (or to be more precise, in front of my verandah).

Four days ago, I went outside in the evening (around four-ish) and guess what I saw? An owl (I think) who was eating a squirrel he had killed. And going by the looks he gave me, boy, was he devouring it. While some people would call it cruel, I found beauty in that moment and  captured it. Here’s a photo by the phone camera. It looks a little far off here in the first picture. In the second one and the third one, I’ve used my binoculars and painstakingly put the phone camera with it tightly and tried to capture.

Then today I had to get something in the verandah in the afternoon when I saw a parrot squeaking in the neem tree. Look at it, isn’t it the cutest thing ever?

The parrot clicks are better as the sunlight made capturing them easier.

I know I am not a good photographer (considering the awe-striking work by the photographers on wordpress and in general) but I really do like capturing moments sometimes (despite people saying clicking photos is not same as making memories) because when you look back on them they make you nostalgic and give you that warm feeling inside of you. I mean, I don’t take a selfie each day but yeah when I see a relative after a long time and have fun with them, I do like having a picture together.



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