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Looking out the window

As I sit in the train/metro/tube which has now been stranded between two stations till it moves again, I look out the window instead of into the window open on my phone. What do I see? I see humungous buildings under construction, each threatening to be taller than the other. Then people say, "look outside… Continue reading Looking out the window


When the going gets tough…

Life isn't a bed of roses. Really. If it were, there'd be a far less number of thorns. This isn't to say that life's always grim and parlous. No. But you can't deny the fact that most of us have and will face hardships on life. The thing is that there is no one practical… Continue reading When the going gets tough…


Kinds of love

Alright people. Recently I've noticed that people have started defining love in one single sense, yes, that romantic sense. But really guys? Have you actually never been in a relationship (again your mind has wandered off in the direction I warned it has been wandering off to, hasn't it) that you could say was a relationship of… Continue reading Kinds of love


Till I put on the mask

Often we hear these words, "be you." However, for many, being themselves might not be as fun. Why? Because they don't have anyone to share their time with, no one cares about them. However, when you behave as others do irrespective of whether you like it, people get interested. Read on... Just sitting there, empty,… Continue reading Till I put on the mask