Kinds of love

Alright people. Recently I’ve noticed that people have started defining love in one single sense, yes, that romantic sense. But really guys? Have you actually never been in a relationship (again your mind has wandered off in the direction I warned it has been wandering off to, hasn’t it) that you could say was a relationship of love without it being a romantic relationship?

See, there are all different kinds of love. Let me just elucidate by sharing the love-filled relationships in my life.

When I look at my mother and she hugs me tight, I can feel the love; so pure and gentle. When my dad shouts at me to not do stupid things, I feel the love in his heart because what he’s saying is mostly right. When my sister gives me a piece of chocolate from her own when I’ve already eaten mine without sharing, I feel the love. When my grandparents say stuff that feels outdated to me yet they say it with so much enthusiasm and when they listen to me blabber pretending they’re understanding, I definitely feel the love. That’s family love. Some people, really awesome people, may not have the opportunity to get that love; cherish it if you do.

Then there’s the love with respect relationship. For instance, I love a few of my teachers a lot because they’re not only just great teachers but great people who are a part of my life and have always bettered me, knowing full well that it won’t benefit them in the future but will benefit me. Their job isn’t to make me as perfect as I can be; they can just teach whether I understand or not and go like most teachers I know. Isn’t that love on their part too? 

Then, there’s the love that friendship brings. I don’t have a whole gang of friends or even a best friend but I do have close friends that I love. They may make fun of me and tease me and still I don’t get hurt. Why? Because I don’t stop annoying them too. We love each other because we care for each other and try to be there. You might say that such close friendship with a person of the sex you’re attracted to maybe tricky. Maybe. That’s just because when you’re friends with someone, a lot of criteria (no criterions is not the correct plural as far as I know) that people have when looking for a partner is same as what our friends have. That doesn’t however imply that you always fall in love with your best friend and get married to them like in the movies. Even if you do, tell me, what can be more freakin’ awesome?

That’s the kinds of love I have experienced for fellow living beings. I believe if I had a pet, I’d love them a lot too. In fact, I plan to get a dog as soon as I am able to support it. Now, coming to romantic love. Y’all know/see/think about it pretty much already. And I don’t really have much to add because I have zero experience in that field (yeah, well, studies). But I do know that I’m a hopeless romantic and I love most mushy stuff though I’ll deny that to people (only select few have the opportunity of meeting the true, vulnerable side of me) and since I’m pretty loyal and honest as a person, I guess I’d be a good lover.

That’s all folks. Tell me about your different kinds of love you.experience each day. Maybe we’ll all learn something new.

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