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Looking out the window

As I sit in the train/metro/tube which has now been stranded between two stations till it moves again, I look out the window instead of into the window open on my phone. What do I see? I see humungous buildings under construction, each threatening to be taller than the other. Then people say, “look outside at the world, not into your phone.” Unaware snobs they are. I’m all for looking at nature and admiring the beauty of the bounty given unto all of us by Mother Nature. But it hurts my heart to see that the old sights I am used to seeing and the natural scenes that I’ve looked at so much that they have left indelible imprints on my mind are disappearing into oblivion. They are being replaced by monstrous concrete that holds no aesthetic value to me. No longer can I take joy in glaring at the kids playing in the park I saw often by the train window and wished to visit but never did. Never will I ever either. The rides have been dismantled and it is being converted to a cinema hall or multiplex. I can’t stare at the vast expanses of green land that used to be there because it has been filled with construction material and they’ll build God knows what there.What do they want me to look at? Do they want me to feel even sadder that pieces of greenery that existed peacefully are being torn apart? It almost seems as if they want to break my heart. If I can’t see anything worthwhile, then tell me, why should I look out the window? 

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