Growing apart

I found an old poem in my poetry bag (I have a folder in which I keep all my poems). Before you guys read the poem, I’d like to clearly state that this is not a poem based on personal experiences (I’m not Taylor Swift).

They say people just grow apart,

But you never believed it to be true.

When into pieces, it broke your heart,

And you just realised it happened to you.

Everything seemed to be going alright,

You had fun, it was all just perfect.

And you didn’t even have a fight,

There was nothing that it lacked.

You just stopped talking one time,

There wasn’t anything more to be said.

From then on, it was a steep climb,

The silence had entered your head.

No one could pin-point the day,

It suddenly became different.

But when your head hit the hay,

You realise that’s what people meant.

When people said their words,

You dismissed them saying “we’re special.”

You now see how much it hurts,

When your life’s become so dull.

You didn’t leave any stone unturned,

To show your loyalty to the other person.

Still the candle flickered as it burned,

And now the two of you are done.

You just sit there, watching them go,

Nothing you can do will bring them back.

Inside you ache but outside kisses you blow,

Alone you just lay in your sack.

Words can’t express the strain you feel,

The void and emptiness within.

They also said in front of love, even God kneels,

Then maybe true love this hasn’t been…


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