Looking at the stars

Laid down on the dew-drenched grass,

I can see the bats fly over and pass.

They squeak and send their echoes,

Working to get food and maybe feed their egos.

The sky is clear, once in a blue moon,

I see how the stars shine and just swoon.

There are more than I could ever count,

Even if my telescope, I do mount.

I gaze upon a little star, shining so bright,

It is young yet solitary at such a height.

I’m scared to go to places alone,

But the star will still shine when I’m gone.

My eyes are transfixed on this star,

It attracts me even from so far.

I look at it closely as it twinkles,

As with dust particles, it’s light mingles.

Yet the little star doesn’t give up shining,

It keeps doing its job without whining.

It doesn’t care for the hurdles in its path,

Just crosses the interstellar expanses so vast.

Maybe it knows there’s a girl somewhere,

Looking at it with great intent, seeing it dare.

Even if the star just wants to impress me,

Little star, I’m staring at you with glee.


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