Indian wedding

I have attended two weddings so far this year as winter season is when most weddings take place here even though the weddings are at night. Indian weddings aren’t as serious as people make them out to be. I’ll share with you the pictures of the latest and you can judge for yourself.

This is considered to be a slightly above average wedding party. Most people hold weddings in banquets that have a lawn attached. The snacks are live in the lawn along with fruits and the dinner, dessert and appetisers are in the banquet. Waiters serve cold drinks and appetisers while people are seated on tables or sofas. The dinner is self service and there are more dishes than you can count (okay not an infinite number but enough for me to be lazy enough to actually count).

Most Indians spend around 22,000 USD or 20,000euros on an average at their weddings and around 500 people attend each wedding but even this may be a very small number for very high class weddings.

Indian weddins are an experience like no other. Nowhere else will you find joy in such chaos and madness. Some may see it as a waste of money but boy oh boy, are they fun. In short, if someone invites you to an Indian wedding, never ever say no.


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