Informally formal

I have been told that I can act formal on certain occasions where there isn’t any need. Some of my peers think it is a miracle for me to use slang language while my mom is always cribbing at me loving shirts so much. So, am I really formal?

Well, I wouldn’t like to think so. I might be the most informal person I’ve ever known till date. I am really good at making people uncomfortable by asking them questions they might not like to answer. I strike up conversations with strangers on the train, in the queue and pretty much everywhere I get a chance because I feel that everybody has a story and I’d love to be a part of theirs and for them to be a part of mine; you never know who you might meet while buying grocery! I talk to my parents and teachers with immense frankness, so much so that sometimes it raises eyebrows (mostly of people, sometimes of my teachers, rarely of my parents, they’re used to me). I don’t have this “anyone I haven’t met is a stranger.” There must be so many people across the world that I’m meant to meet and haven’t met yet. I don’t know how close I might grow to them and how much they might matter to me. I don’t want to club the whole wide world into strangers, it just doesn’t seem right. No, I’m not crazy. I don’t accept sweets from strangers (I know what parents mean when they say that). I also do not advocate you telling your passwords or bank PINs to people you don’t know.

I do not see how my not using slangs regularly translates into me being formal. Some of us like to eat broccoli, some of us don’t (I’m neutral), that doesn’t mean we have broccoli intolerance (don’t giggle, I’m sure it exists). Just because I don’t use lol/fam/lit in every sentence doesn’t mean that I only know how to type like this and not lyk dis. It is just because I prefer full, coherent sentences more. This doesn’t mean I hate people who don’t, we just have different preferences. I am guilty of shortening words while texting though but only when I’m short of time or lazy (srsly, tmrw and ttyl are my favourites). Also, liking formal clothes does not translate to being formal. My mother and my friends tell me that I wear shirts and trousers too much. They say that even my dresses are formal. Well, my apologies if they’re the clothes that look good. I also wear jammies (only at home, don’t laugh) and other casual clothes. But whenever I’m going out and I can, I like wearing formals. I promise, I can totally slay in a white shirt, black trousers and a black blazers and make you swoon. I just look good in them and if I do, then why shouldn’t I wear them?

So, my rant is over. I’ve established I’m not formal. However, I do see why people think I might be formal; it’s just the way I conduct myself. Hence, whenever I am asked by people whether I’d call myself formal or informal, I’ve begun answering as “informally formal.” Has a good ring to it, doesn’t it?



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