Poem for February 14th

So, it’s Valentine’s day… Is it really what it’s made out to be or is it just hype? You decide. Meanwhile, read this poem about how some flowers (rather, the lack of them) can make someone sad. Did they not get delivered or were they not sent? Who knows? Maybe the Mother does. We don’t. (maybe I will write a story if I get an idea)

A vase, lying in front of the girl, water inside it waiting,

Not for tulips, not for magnolias but only for roses.

The mother, standing there, her she is berating,

“Why can’t you put the dahlias?” she asks.


The girl sighs a sigh, tinged with varied emotions,

“I can’t argue with you Mother,” she replies.

Sensing an unknown yet acquainted sensation,

She sits down her young daughter beside her.


How is her debater daughter not arguing today?

She asks her why she won’t squabble about it.

“I myself have no clue why I can’t do it anyways.”

Now the Mother sighs, unable to decide on what to say.


“Is the vase waiting for some special flowers?”

“It is Mother,” says the Daughter, almost out with her secret.

The Mother says, “if you need to buy them, I’ll cover.”

“If I bought them, it wouldn’t be the same, it wouldn’t.”


And so, the water lay waiting till night came upon,

Finally, no flowers placed, the water was drained.

The disappointed young girl went to bed with a frown,

Thinking maybe her Valentine wasn’t hers after all…







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