Music magic

I have been under stress lately as the two exams I have been preparing for since the last two years is about to come in May end; it is literally the final lap of what would most likely decide my future. The stakes are high and so are my adrenaline levels. In sch a scenario, there are two things that calm me down and help me stay sane. I have already written about one (writing), the other is music.

So why music? Everyone has that little something that let’s them zone out, out things into perspective and shed their inhibitions. It may be a sport, dance or something else for you. For me, it is writing and music. As you might know, physics (and of course, biology) is my bae. What you might not know is that, at least for me, other than physics, music is the only thing that can have so intense an effect on my soul. Really, if you ask me to describe music in terms of abstract adjectives, I’d say passionate, raw and intense.

Sometimes, when I listen to music, I feel like my own vibes (for lack of a better word) are in resonance with it and we all know what happens when two things are in resonance (in case you don’t, it means two bodies have the same frequency of vibration and when they match then it results into a large amplitude, which means, that it creates a multitudinal effect on me). It’s just an experience that transcends many others; it can leave me energised/sad/happy/calm/shaken/in love/hateful and all the other feelings in the spectrum. This, this ability of music to make me feel things is what makes me feel so good. That’s exactly what I’ve always adored in both music and in people; if you can make me feel feelings, you have me then and there.

Just right now, as I type this, I can hear music blaring in the park below my apartment, it is someone’s mehendi wali raat (an Indian wedding custom, held the night before the wedding where all friends and family come, the women apply henna on their hands and everyone dances the night away). They aren’t exactly playing the type of music I like; I prefer old, melodious songs that are mostly mushy (much to the irritation of my peers) while they are playing the latest, peppy dance songs. But I don’t really mind. Even these songs feel nice because they make me want to get up and dance. They make me feel cheerful and as I said, making me feel is the goal.

So, you go and listen to a good song. I’ll go and look at my younger sister who’s taking full advantage of the loud music coming into the house and dancing with glee. Who knows, I might even join her.

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