Dance away

I am a very bad dancer, my mom will tell your friends otherwise but my friends will testify to this fact. But does that stop me from dancing till I can’t? Hell naw! Who cares if you can’t dance? You should have fun and that’s all that matters.

Shake your head, shake your body, shake things up,

Shake so hard that you hear your heart lub-dupp.

Don’t look around, just let it be,

Shake it and set yourself free.

No one cares if you look like a duck,

Or like a cassowary or even like a blackbuck.

Don’t think so much, just try it once,

Let yourself loose and just dance.

You don’t need to have moves like Jagger,

You only need to move with yo swagger.

Get rid of all worries and expectations,

Get on the floor and shed your inhibitions.

Dance, dance, just dance away,

To the beats, let your body sway.






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