It actually happened!

Roadside sighting

I was coming home from class today with my parents when we saw a bit of a commotion on the other side of the road. When we reached near to the scene, we slowed down a bit. You won’t believe what happened.

We all agree that helmets should be worn while riding motorbikes, right? Not this guy it seems. He was standing and fighting with the traffic policeman. Why didn’t he want to be fined? Because “I take care of safety always,” he said. In his defence, his bike had a small fire extinguisher attached near the back seat. Wow. Just wow.

And if it wasn’t enough, the people of my city decided to roam the streets wearing the worst shitty combinations possible. I kid you not, a man was wearing a t-shirt and shorts with a scarf on his neck and a cricket helmet. He wasn’t on a bike but just walking. First off, it is cold here right now and people wear at least two layers even in the noon. And if the man wasn’t feeling cold why was he wearing a scarf. And why does a person need to wear a cricket helmet for a walk on the road???

I think that’s why my mom says look out the window not into your mobile…

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