How to be a better friend?

I get this one a lot. “You’re such a good friend.” “I am surprised how well you handled your friend after {insert strange occurrence}.” I used to think (and still kinda do) that I’m just a friend like everyone else but then I saw people more critically and realised that most people are very lousy friends. You know how you’re still friends with that stupid person even though they did {insert stupid action}? You are because that’s the quality of friends today. I’m not saying that I’m the world’s greatest friend or that all people are bad at friendship but we all can get better.

  • Make an effort: Don’t be lazy. Your friends deserve more than just a lazy nod when they tell you stuff. It shouldn’t seem to them that you don’t care about them. That you are making an effort for them, should be visible. In short, make them feel special.
  • Tell their faults to them, not to others: It might seem like a good idea when you’re angry at them but tell me, would you rather prefer for your friend to be upfront and tell you what’s wrong with you or tell other people and you get to know through them? Also, refrain from discussing about your friends too much with a third person.
  • Remember what they say: I hate it when my friends don’t remember stuff we talked about. It’s not like I expect them to remember every single thing I say but it seems strange if you’re clueless about something you talked about. Example? I sung Shawn Mende’s Stitches to my friend one day and two weeks later she asked if I’d heard this awesome new song by him. Which one? You guessed it.
  • Don’t ignore them: It is okay to be busy. But it is not okay to ignore your friends. If you can’t talk to them or are going to be engaged in something, tell them before hand. And if you don’t feel motivated or interested enough to talk to them, tell them it, don’t  keep them in a lie.

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