The builder in the forest

A sole black SUV shined on the road to the forest,

In it, a man, its sole passenger, drove on determined.

Elated he was to have reached the thicket,

For this was the place where his dream would take wings.


His dream… Ah, that was what consumed his fantasies,

The dream? To have a city of his own and to be its ruler.

Now a builder, this was into what he invested all his energies,

And now he was here for a location recce.


He turned down the revving engine, both his car and his heart,

And entered the forest, eyes full of his ambitions.

Fresh air greeted him and the scene was a work of art,

So refreshed was he that you could almost see the spring in his step.


He looked around, envisioning his future project there,

Taking mental notes about how it would shape up.

Walking around in nature, he felt free of any care,

“This feeling, it’s unrealistic,” he said to himself.


He walked a little further and saw a lake appear,

Its shore rocky with little white rounded pebbles.

The water was pristine, in fact, crystal clear,

So much so that he could see his reflection in it.


He sat down by the edge and glanced around,

Wanting to see if anyone was there nearby.

There was no one, much to his delight he found,

And stripping off his clothes, he took a dip.


Rejuvenated he was with the swim in natural waters,

As to his tiled swimming pool at home, he was accustomed.

However, now his frame of mind was altered,

He wasn’t as ambitious now as he was then.


He walked to his car, taking a last look at the woods,

Now it seemed to him that he wasn’t alone;

There was so much to be done, that could,

However he now saw the others around him.


There were trees, tall & short and animals of all sizes,

Going about their work, looking towards him intermittently.

“Don’t do this to us, you’ll kill us,” they collectively apprise,

Or is it his mind just playing games?


He reached home, his mind made up to choose his project,

But he couldn’t sign the papers, whatever he did.

The lake, the quiet, the serenity all came into his head,

How could he destroy it by a flick of his hand?








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