Why I’m a good friend

I met a friend of mine for possibly the last time in a very long time today. We had both come to school for a piece of work and since we’re going to have different career paths, it’s highly unlikely that our paths will cross again soon. I am not very close to her but have known her since long. I was surprised when she told me, “you’re a really good friend Prachi. I hope you’re as good to other people you meet in the future and that I can meet people like you.” This wasn’t the first time someone said such a thing to me, but I certainly didn’t expect her to say this.

So, I got down to thinking (I think there might be a term for this habit of mine), why do people think I’m a good friend? This is what I came up with:

  • No expectations and demands (mostly) – I’m a very laid back and chill person (thanks mom and dad for making me like this) and I don’t need much. Meaning, I don’t have big expectations from my friends and I’m usually happy with whatever they do. My sister does say that I’ll never find a guy because of my expectations being as high as Everest but I and my friends would disagree.
  • I’m supportive and good at life advice – I support my loved ones in whatever they’re doing.  People tell me I’m really good at advice. I want to be Chandler Bing and say, “I’m not really good at the advice, can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?” but I refrain, usually. I think too much so maybe they feel I can analyse the situation well.
  • I’m a science person – What are the subjects that people hate and find most difficult? Physics, chemistry, biology and maths. What are my main subjects? Ditto. I can help you do your homework and explain complex things. You’ll thank me for it (my friends don’t, they’re plain evil).
  • Perspective – I don’t think like most people do. My perspective and that of others usually differs a lot. Hence, when you talk to me, you won’t get bored and would actually have fun (either it is true or I’ve been lied to all life long). My different perspective may arise from my being a science student and yet being interested in writing, reading and literature in general.
  • Loyalty – I am the definition of “fiercely loyal.” I am ready to do anything in my capabilities for those I love even if it may be a little dangerous. People say they can trust their lives in my hands. I don’t become friends easily but if I’m your friend, I’ll be loyal to you and never, ever break your trust even if we aren’t in touch. This also means I get pissed when my trust is broken and I’m not good when angry.
  • I’m different – This one’s slightly difficult to explain. But those who’ve met me in real life will testify this fact on stamp paper that there’s no one like me. I’m not being narcissistic and I know all people are unique but my being so different is one of the things people admire (or so I’ve been told).

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