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A note

Today may be just any other day for me but for you it might be a special day; it’s a normal day for some of us but it might even be your birthday! Isn’t it strange how everything is the same for us yet so different? How the day & night and everything in nature is the same for all of us yet we see it so differently and experience it in varied ways? This note is for anyone who’s reading the blog and yet it may hold a different meaning for different readers…

I just wanted to say that don’t change yourself in order to be liked by others. I do not mean to say that if you do something wrong you should continue doing it wrongly. Neither do I mean to say that you shouldn’t try to improve yourself. All I am saying is that there will be people who’ll like you and those who don’t like you. It won’t be much in your hands as to who likes you and who does not. But sometimes, when people like us and we like them too, those people might try to change us according to how they want us to be. Now, it isn’t necessary that this change is a bad thing. However, never let anyone take away the essence of your being away from you; don’t let people make you lesser you (I hope that makes more sense than it looks like it’s making). Don’t ever be ashamed of yourself or feel inferior because you are different than the others. Don’t put gel on your hair or cut them short because people say it’d look better. It is your being different that demarcates you from the crowd and makes you what you are; embrace it. Don’t let people dictate how you act/dress/talk. Do anything and everything that makes you happy, as long as it is healthy and productive and legal. You might not be perfect (no one is, in case you’re wondering) but like James Wilson said to Dr. House in the TV show House M.D., “you are just as God made you.”

This one’s more for the younger people than the older but please, focus on your studies. They matter a whole lot as they will decide your future. Do not put away your books just to while away your hours. I do not mean that keep slogging like an owl but learn to prioritise things in life and focus on what matters more. Also, it may seem that parents aren’t the best people ever and being a kid I feel that too sometimes but remember, they have your best interests in their mind and are just trying to protect you.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that there is no one else out of the whole human population who is exactly like you. You are not ordinary. You are special. Don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise. Like Dr. Seuss said, “today you are you and that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you!”

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