What girls really want

This one question is what people have been asking since centuries. In fact, so much so, that there have been so many memes and jokes about it as well (I’ll not lie, I do find them funny). But is it really impossible to answer? No, actually it isn’t.

You see, they say girls don’t know what they want, they only want what they want but don’t know what it is that they want (got it?). This is true to a certain extent (not only for girls, but for everyone; there’s very few people that are absolutely sure of what they want). At one moment, you feel this is what you want but the next moment you want something else. And it’s not wrong entirely either. If you were about to buy a dress or a video game and you saw another one you liked better, wouldn’t you want that one? (this is just an analogy, I’m not comparing people to inanimate objects).

Now, let me tell you what girls actually, really want. It’s not a gross generalisation, this applies to all the girls I’ve ever known, offline or online and may be considered reasonably true.

Girls don’t want you to propose to us at the Eiffel Tower. Girls don’t want you to buy them unaffordable luxury shit. Girls don’t want you to whisk them away from their boring and mundane schedule and to a fancy overseas holiday. Girls don’t want you to gift them a swanky car they can drive around in. Girls don’t want you to look like a hunk or a poster boy for handsomeness. Girls don’t want you to be perfect in every effing way. Though having or being any of these things won’t necessarily be bad and some girls may really dig these things but that’s not what they “want”. Sure, some girls are after things like this but listen to what I have to say.

What girls actually want is very simple, really. All that they want is love and respect. That’s it. Everything else is secondary. You may find it hard to believe but these two things take precedence over all others, even though it may not be evident. She may herself not know that she wants this but believe me, she does. When you give someone your true, unconditional love and respect them for who they are, not just because of being with them, you’ll realise that this was what they were wanting all along…

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