Lightning says

I sit cosily snuggled up in my blanket,

Clicking away on the computer.

Sudden din of sounds like a banquet,

I am aroused from my digital stupor.

The sounds go away before I can think,

I go back to doing my menial task.

And there they are again before I can blink.

The next time though, they come fast.

I now realise the source of the sounds,

And it interests me, even if mildly.

The source is lightning as I’ve found;

The heavens are now at it wildly.

The sounds scare me as does the vision,

The thought of it striking is frightening.

Like spears tearing through the horizon,

Or sparkling arrows here and there are darting.

It never fails to astonish me, this nature,

Enchanting me with its contraptions.

It may just be an electric discharge, but,

For me, it does ignite my passion.

It’s as if the clouds are telling me,

Roaring and being angry isn’t wrong.

To feel feelings makes me free,

That’s what I’ve realised in so long.

So, roar all you can and roar loud,

Let your voice be heard, don’t let it drown.

The rain will come and try to tune you out,

But you be deafening and make it frown.

The heavens are a little quieter now,

They know, their message I’ve received.

In front of the heavens, I go out and bow,

That’ll make them satisfied, I believe.




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