Missing people

Why do we miss people? Does missing someone mean something significant or is it just that somehow the wiring in our brain reminds us of someone? Whatever you call it, we all miss people, don’t we? Sometimes it makes us happy, sometimes sad but we do miss others.

When we miss someone, there is often a reason behind it (no I’m not saying psychic reasons). More often than not, we come across something that reminds us of a person. For instance, if I am looking at my blog stats and I see a reader from, say, Ireland, and I have a friend there, then obviously, I’ll be reminded of that friend. If someone talks of, say, butterscotch ice cream and a long lost friend of mine used to love it, may be I’ll think of them. Point is, even though there is no direct reason for us to suddenly be reminded of a person, if we come across things even vaguely related to them, we will most likely miss them. It really does fascinate me how the smallest of things can remind you of someone that you didn’t even know you remembered.

But how often do we say it out loud? And even if we want to, to whom shall we say it? Sometimes, the circumstances are such that you aren’t on good terms with the person or you cannot reach them. We can’t tell them we miss them in that case, now, can we? Then, telling how much you miss a person can always be taken the wrong way by the other person, making things awkward. Also, add to that the fact that those who frequently say such words of love to their loved ones are seen as weak, clingy and less independent (I have no idea why it should be so). And in case you’re a loved one reading this (meaning family and friends, duh) then hey, I miss you!

However, missing someone need not mean something always. Sure, if you miss a person almost the whole day, you need to think over what that person means to you. But if you’re reminded of someone randomly and feel like you’re missing them, it isn’t really that big of a deal. When you miss someone, it just means that you miss them. Period. Nothing more and nothing less.

So, tell me, who did you miss today?


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