How long can you stay angry?

I do not know of any person who has never gotten angry; even my teacher who says anger is like poison running in your blood gets angry occasionally. The most calm and composed people too fall prey to this monster. This isn’t to say whether one should get angry or not, that is a separate discussion (my personal opinion is that being angry isn’t necessarily bad as anger is a feeling and I always say expressing feelings is important). But the point here is, how long can you stay angry?

When you get angry, there’s this sudden outburst of emotions, words just spill out of your mouth without asking for any prior permission (sometimes blows too, that’s bad) and all you can do is hope the other person doesn’t take it to their heart. In my opinion, those who know you and love you generally don’t because they know it’s your anger that’s making you say things you may not want to. After this whole shebang is over, what do you do? Do you sulk in a corner or do you go out in the open or do you immediately apologise to the other person? I prefer sulking in a corner (mostly accompanied by fluid out of my eyes and the excess out of my nose; thanks God for making the naso-lacrimal duct).

Then, how long do you stay angry? Do you immediately realise it was just anger and you’re okay with the person or do you keep grudges in your heart forever? I’d say it depends on the person. If it’s loved ones then I usually get okay soon, depending upon how severe the fight was but if it’s someone I barely know then I usually steer clear of them in the future. However, one thing that’s clear is that I cannot stay angry at someone for long. I feel a little guilty for being so harsh on people when I fight with them, though I rarely apologise because, there’s a rule for what happens in a fight, stays in a fight, right? I overcome my feeling of being hurt and expect the other person to do so too (this can get bad sometimes). Even people who’ve hurt me badly, the hate I have for them usually decreases with time; I don’t forget that I’ve been wronged but I don’t hold it like a sword over people’s heads.

So, what do you do? What’s the longest you’ve stayed angry and why was it? I’m eager to know about your story.




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