Choose wisely

We put so much thought into buying a new thing but when we choose people who are a part of our lives, mostly we let our heart take the decisions. Though it isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can lead to you being hurt if you don’t know what the other person thinks of you…

People go by each moment of our lives,

Some stay but most are just a passer-by.

Only a handful actually make a difference,

To who we are and can be called as true friends.

But when you choose who you keep,

Try to think carefully and think deep.

You know how much they matter to you,

But for the other person, it may not be so.

What place do you hold in their heart?

Did you not know that from the start?

When you realise how the other person feels,

It can feel as if your peace, they did steal.

You had always been there for them,

You never knew that there’d be a problem.

And now that you know they weren’t worth the effort,

You feel saddened, cheated and now you’re hurt.

So, my friend, choose your people wisely,

Or hurt is what you will be precisely.





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