Keep burning

Don’t give up before your time is over. Do all you can.

With a dazzling flame the candle burnt,

Converting darkness to light in a second.

It seemed as if the candle thought that,

Burning like it was, was an exquisite feat.

Suddenly the sound of the trees howling,

A storm outside, seems to be brewing.

A light breeze sweeps through the room,

Trying to blot the candle’s fate with doom.

The candle stands strong to the wind blowing,

Its flame flickers yet it keeps glowing.

No matter how hard the wind tries to knock it down,

It returns back unsuccessful, with a frown.

Finally the wind gives up and surrenders,

The candle won’t let anyone steal its thunder.

The clock keeps ticking, the wax goes on melting,

The candle’s feelings are now overwhelming.

The test of time, it has passed with flying colours,

But like all things, it keeps growing duller.

It’s almost dead now, the lonely candle,

No one to see it now just as before.

After a long struggle, the room goes dark,

And the candle isn’t there to ward it off.




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