My heart burns

A searing feeling pierces through my heart, My insides it seems to tear apart. The sensation, ineffable, can't be conveyed, The hurt it causes, simply can't be frayed. A sudden sensation starting from stomach, And then it keeps going up and up. Finally it reaches the heart and rips it, Into tiny parts as if by… Continue reading My heart burns


Fruity talk

"Hey fatty, what you up to?" asked the mango "Just rollin' around," said the watermelon And then the watermelon rolled over To hit the mango and shoved her "What do you think you're doing?" shouted the mango Hurt at how that fatso pushed her away "Well, fatty can roll if nothin' else," he said That… Continue reading Fruity talk


Attempt at a sonnet

The girl stormed out of the house, A hastily packed suitcase in her hand. With sad but angry eyes stared her spouse, As on the door he continued to stand. Tears rolled down her eyes, yet she continued to walk, And her partner saw her go away, that belle. He wished that to her he […]