New guy

Since writing fictional poems that try to capture others’ emotions seems to be a trend, lemme try my hand at it.

I’m sitting on my desk, bored, waiting for class to start,

But the person that just entered isn’t the prof.

It’s a new guy, I’ve never seen him before,

But I’m now not bored, not anymore.

He sits down just beside me, my friend offers him a seat,

Why does it feel like someone turned up the heat?

He looks at me and introduces himself,

But I can’t get a word out myself.

Wait… what just happened? I’m really, really surprised.

How can my confidence, just in a moment lyse?

I mutter an apology and tell him my name,

But myself, I know I’m not the same.

We sit together everyday, talk about everything,

When he’s with me, it’s a funny feeling.

I know not what I feel for him,

But the lights did just dim.

I gather the great courage to finally ask him out,

I manage to only start saying “how about…”

And almost tell him I love his wit,

But my friend beat me to it.




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