Why I love the rains

I like the rains a lot. I’d say monsoon is my favourite season in a heartbeat.

Why? When you eat your favourite ice cream, you just know it is your favourite. Without any apparent reason other than the taste of course. And let’s face it, most ice creams taste great. But you still have that one favourite, right?

I can only try to tell you why I love monsoon. Forgive me if it doesn’t sound as convincing to you; I love it too much to be entirely coherent in my muddled head.

  • The smell of the earth after a shower (geosmin secretions by tiny organisms called actinomycetes) is very pleasant to the senses. Raw yet soothing.
  • The musical manner in which the rain seems to fall; sometimes it falls shyly on the ground, hoping you’ll not notice its presence while at other times, it falls so hard that it’s hard to miss it’s arrival.
  • Nature looks the most beautiful when it’s raining. The squirrels scurrying to take shelter, the trees swaying to the rhythm of the rain, it’s nothing short of magic.
  • I love the view from my balcony when it’s raining. I can see far and wide, the reaction of all to the rain. I can see the kids in the park dance joyously as their mothers call them home and they pretend to not have heard. I can see the drops bounce off the balcony railing and disappear after they break down into a thousand tiny fragments.
  • Rains evoke feelings within me. If I’m sad, the rains come and share my gloom, we despair together. If I’m happy, it seems the rain drops are dancing about as they fall to the ground. Even if I am feeling nothing at the moment, I stand in the rain and some of the deflected drops fall on my skin and send a tingling sensation up my spine, tiny shrapnels driving into the deepest parts of my being.
  • Rains are romantic. If you’ve ever sat down near the rain where you can put out a hand and feel the drops but are still unwet and are sitting with the person, I don’t think I have the right words to describe that feeling. Rains are the perfect moment to sit and listen to love songs you love, both old and new. It gives you a chance to introspect and find solace in being with yourself or even with that perfect person.
  • I cannot control the arrival and departure of the rains. Mostly, I enjoy them and greet them with joy at their much anticipated arrival. But many times, they play spoilsport to my plans. At such times they serve as a humble reminder that I cannot decide in advance how everything is going to turn out. That I cannot simply jump over every hurdle in my path; I have to wait for some of them to subsidise on their own.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is why I love the rains. Sure, there’s other seasons as well. Summers are great because you can wear nice clothes, winters are great for cuddling up, autumn is pleasant for the long walks and spring is a joy for the blooming of everything. But rains, nothing beats that as far as I am concerned.

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