The triad

Always you felt you didn’t need to care,

But then life happened and brought you here.

You thought it’d all take care of itself,

Never thought you were going to go through this hell.

Now you stand waiting for it to happen,

Whatever the it may be.

You always thought there wasn’t a chance,

That this way the things’ll be.

And all you can do now is let it go,

Give yourself up, to the flow.

You know now you’re not where you,

Thought you were going to be at.

So now just sit and hope for the best,

It’s not in your hands anyways.

You’re there, stuck in the triad at the end,

For yourself now you have to fend.

There’s no coming back and no turning away,

Just hope in your favour, things do sway.

Even if you’d never felt you’d be in the triad,

Here you are writing your illiad.

It was somewhat in your hands before,

But now the boat has left the shore.

Nothing you can do will turn it back,

So just calm down and try to relax.

Remember that whatever is, is for a reason,

Every single thing has it’s own season.

Wait for the time you’ve always wanted,

With time it will all be sorted.

Just don’t worry and let it be,

You’re not the only sailor, lost in the sea.



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