Not yours anymore

Sometimes you want something with all your heart,

But there’s yet something keeping it apart.

So close, you could almost feel it if you tried,

You look ahead but into empty space, stare your eyes.

It’s there, right in front of you,

But you can’t have it, nothing you can do.

You see someone else, having what you felt yours,

If it’d make it yours, you’d even beg on all fours.

It was there before, it is there now,

You really want it, and you want it how.

But now you know that what you want,

Is something that you can’t.

So, what do you do, when you see,

People being what you felt you could be?

When it doesn’t go how you thought it would,

How do you go about life, how do you feel good?

Seems impossible, does it not,

When in a rut, you are caught?

You know it’ll go on, you know it too shall pass,

But right now, it is like, someone broke your glass.

And now it’s shattered, lying on the floor,

And you’re shaken, shaken to the core.

So you just smile, and see the others,

Be what you could swear was yours.


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