Who am I?

Hi there!

I am Prachi. Who am I? Well, think of me as just the girl-next-door who does what she wants; an Average Joe who treats life like a Broadway Show. I am just a girl who’s very passionate about writing, travelling and music (well, listening to it; I can’t sing to save my life, though I do play a little keyboard). I am a deep-thinker; sometimes I think so deep that I forget what I started thinking about, but I digress. And that’s why my writings are always from the heart. You might find them irrelevant, normal or even boring, but you’ll NEVER find them dishonest. I let words flow out just as they come to me because I believe in the beauty of words. I like to read books (suspense and mystery) and watch movies (mainly rom-coms and dramas) too but I am a student first and foremost, so that’s what I try to focus on (i.e. in life, not in the blog or you’d be bored to death). In my blog, you’ll find my thoughts, uncensored. It’s like a window to my heart and mind. So, I just hope you can find something worthwhile and feel satisfied after reading my posts. Well, enjoy!

NOTE: my writings may be far and few in between during March to June start if I can’t write right now and schedule them for later as I’ll be having very important exams at that time. But I’ll try to right now and schedule at least one post a week for then.


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